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Best Lipstick Color for Brown Skin

Beautiful woman with brown skin wearing red lipstick wearing a colorful scarf around her face

There are a lot of choices when it comes to lipstick colors. That may be great for freedom, but it can get confusing for those women with different skin types. There is the perfect lipstick color for you, finding it is another matter.

If you have brown skin, the choices you have may be a bit slimmer than those with different skin types. Then if you have light brown skin your color selection may be greater than those with darker brown skin shades.

To find out where you fit in with lipstick color, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue, so you know which lipstick color path to take. Take a few minutes to see what you can do to improve your lip look.

It Depends on Your Skin Shade

That is the key to this issue. Not every woman with brown skin has the same shade of brown as most other women. You can be tan, bronze, or even a dark brown skin tone and each shade of brown have different perfect colors.

Portrait of a light skinned woman of color with wavy hair on a white background.

1. Light Brown Skin- Usually women with this color of skin have great golden undertones. That means that they can wear dark red or deeper plum lipstick colors with ease.

Then, these shades of lipstick color help to highlight your dark eyes helping them to pop more. That extra accent can have your eyes be more alluring and seductive. But you have to make sure you are wearing the right shade of red or plum lipstick that has the correct undertones.

Woman with a bronzed skin tone wearing ruby red lipstick.

2. Bronze Skin- This is a unique brown color, but it has an advantage over other brown skin colors. It works with just about any shade of lipstick on the market today. But there are two colors that work the best for this skin color.

Bright red and dark pink shades are the ones you should focus on. They will accent your lips and make sure they get the attention they deserve. Plus, those colors should not detract from your wonderful eyes.

Woman with a dark brown complexion wearing sunglasses and wearing bright red lipstick on a seafoam green background.

3. Dark Brown- You may not have the same amount of lipstick colors to choose from but the options you have should make sure all eyes are on you. The key is to go darker and deeper in color and tones.

Dark red or deep purple-like lipstick can really do wonders for the way you look. Then you can add a little glamour to the lipstick by going with a lip gloss that comes in a darker shade than the lipstick color on your lips.


Lipstick Tips

Tubes of lipstick laying on their side on a white surface

It pays to have a few tips in your lipstick color choosing arsenal. Those tips can help you avoid making some make-up errors that will ruin your evening. Here are some valuable tips to help you get the right color every time:

  1. Skin Tone- When you can identify your correct skin tone, then your lipstick color selection is made a lot easier. Warm colors help make your skin seem more vibrant especially when your skin has yellow undertones
  2. Look At Your Hair & Eye Color- These two colors will help you find a lipstick that will complement both and not clash with either.
  3. Go Darker- Look at your natural lip color then pick a shade of lipstick that is a shade or two darker. If you are able, do a little test to make a comparison.
  4. The Size of Your Lips Count- Look at their size and if you have thin lips, go with light to medium shades. Dark shades tend to highlight how thin your lips are. Adjust the shade depending on how thick your lips tend to get
  5. Line Your Lips- This should be done before and after you apply the lipstick. Also, you need to keep the liner and lipstick looking natural for the best effects.
  6. Bold Red- This is the color for those women who have warm golden skin undertones. If you get the right shade of red, you should look stunning as those undertones are given radiance. Or if you want to look more natural, go with a red color with a tan influence.

Picking the right color of lipstick is not always an easy task. Don’t forget to talk to the consultant at the cosmetic counter and get their professional expertise. While you may be good at determining undertones, etc., you could make a mistake. Some expert advice will help you look a lot better.

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