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Best Lipstick Color for Olive Skin

Close up portrait of a woman with an olive complexion on a beach in full makeup

Matching skin type with the right lipstick color is very important. Some women do not understand this, and their day-to-day look is a better fit for Halloween than the office. It is a common practice as not everyone knows their skin type.

For those with olive skin, it is very easy to make the wrong selection as there are a lot of color subtleties at work. Keeping up with them is hard work. Then to match your skin tones with the right lipstick color may be overwhelming.

To find out more on this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information women with olive skin tones need to know about.

Understanding the Olive Skin Type

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman wearing pink lipstick against a grey background.

The women who have this type of skin usually come from a Latin, Asian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern heritage. Their skin type is usually darker than most women and lighter than most African women.

Underneath it all is the muted undertones. These undertones are what play havoc with matching your lipstick color. They come in three types: cool, warm, and neutral. Those tones are all identified by different colors.

Not every undertone will work with women who have olive-type skin. Also, there is an olive-type undertone that is classified in two of those categories, cool is not one of the two.

This classification is what makes it hard for women with olive skin to find the right lipstick color. This is why you should do some tests first to find out exactly what type of olive skin you have and what undertones are in your skin color.

Once you do that, you can find the right shade of lipstick to wear. Also, avoid lipstick with a green tone to it and head for those colors that are listed in the warm tone category.

Best Lipstick Color for Olive Skin

Variety of brown shades of lipstick in silver tubes, isolated on a white background.

Once you understand more about your skin type, you can choose a lipstick color from the following list:

1. Berry- Not just any berry color but the deeper side of the berry color scale. Or you can go with those lipstick colors that are darker and have a little chocolate influence. But that is not all you can choose from in this category.

If you like you can also use a raspberry or claret color as these two options can provide a very vibrant look to your lips.

2. Brown Shades- Who says brown is plain and boring. Not those who use it on their olive skin. A woman with this skin type can really ramp up her looks by using the right brown shade.

The good news is that olive skin women can use just about any brown shade they want. The two colors go hand in hand with and complementing each other. A little experimenting here will help you find the best lipstick for your lips and enhance your overall look.

3. Nude Shades- Unfortunately, what holds true for brown does not hold true for this shade category. You cannot wear just any neutral shade. Avoid those lipsticks that slide towards the pink end of the scale and head for the ones that use brownish hues.

What you want to avoid is looking like you placed a lot of concealer on your lips, have a too light of color, too pinkish of a color or the lipstick looks cakey.

Red lipstick, open laying diagonally  against its cap, isolated on a white background.

4. Red Shades- You want to stay closer to the warm color tone spectrum than the cool. Red is good if it has a yellowish or orangish undertone but stay away from those reds with a bluish undertone or base.

Two examples would be crimson or cardinal red colors. Take your time to make sure you are getting the look you want. You have lots of red options to go through.

5. Bright Shades- When you want to be noticed, you need to go for those bright shades of lipstick. However, not all bright shades will work for you. Stay away from the cooler spectrum as those colors will not highlight your best features and may distract you from them.

Go for the warmer color spectrum, especially those lipsticks with orange in them. Like the brown shade, olive skin women can use just about any orange color lipstick and still look their best.

Some Final Words

Woman with olive skin wearing red lipstick and nail polish on a black background.

No matter your skin color, picking the right shade of lipstick takes some work. There is a bit of science to the process and for olive skin type women, it may be a bit harder to find those perfect colors.

But if you follow the advice above, you will be on the right track and get to your objective in no time.

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