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Best Lipstick Color for Pale Skin

Nose to upper chest view of a woman with pale skin and a hand held under her chin

How do you get your lips looking so good? That will be the most asked question to you when they see how beautiful your lipstick color goes with your skin type and undertones. But finding those undertones and skin color is not an exact science.

There is some leeway and with practice, you will be able to find the right lipstick color for your pale skin. Just do not be afraid to make mistakes when going through this process. that is how you learn to get the right lipstick color.

To help through this process, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can avoid those mistakes and look beautiful every time you leave your home.

How to Choose Lipstick Color for Pale Skin

Rows of lipstick at a cosmetic counter dispay

1. Warm Undertones- The way to tell if your pale skin has warm undertones, is to look at your veins. If they look greenish or yellowish, then you have a warm or yellow skin tone.

With this knowledge, you can then select those lipstick colors that are red and have an orange base to them. Some examples of this color are terra cotta, brick, and cranberry. Stick with those colors that favor the warm undertones and you should be safe. Just keep your selection within reason.

Hot pink lips showing through a hole torn in lavender paper

2. Cool Undertones- Some people will use the word pink instead of the word cool but the lipstick colors will be the same. This means you will want those lipstick shades that come with a purplish or bluish base or undertone.

The key here is to not confuse these undertone influences with the actual blue or purple lipstick colors. They are not the same. Reds are always a good and safe choice when they have those color bases just mentioned.

3. Neutral Undertones- There is no synonym for this word. Neutral is neutral even when people replace yellow for warm and pink for cool. When your undertone is in this category, you have a lot more freedom in choosing a lipstick color.

Some examples are rose gold, coral pink, and peach colors. If you are not sure, don’t forget to ask the consultant for help. They should be able to match your skin tone and undertones in no time at all.

Selecting the Color Tone

Red lipsticks on a colorful striped background

When you have pale skin, you have even more choices to make. There are three more categories to work through in order to get the right lipstick color. Those categories are bright, dark, and nude.

Bright-colored lipstick works well with pale skin and helps draw out your skin tone color. The two should complement each other so that your lips attract the right attention.

The key to picking the right bright color is not to go too bright. That shade will overwhelm your skin tone and have it disappear. Use some common sense and try not to push the envelope too far.

Dark-colored lipstick helps you be more intimidating in your looks. This works fine in certain situations but is not always that good for romantic encounters. You would have to experiment a little here to help cut down on the intimidation effect and find the perfect balance in your looks.

Some examples would be a dark berry or a red-based brown color. But get the right advice as you do not want to turn off any cute guys by using the wrong color of lipstick in this category.

Finally, the nude option and this may be the most difficult option to work with. The reason for that is that if you pick the wrong color, you could give yourself a dull uninteresting look. or you may look like you are a bit under the weather.

The key to using this part of the spectrum is to simply darken your natural lip color but not by too much. You want to stay as natural-looking as possible when you choose this category of lipstick colors.

Then you can enhance the look of your lips by adding some balm or lip gloss that makes your lips sparkle.

Some Final Words

Woman with pale skin and very blond hair putting on pink lipstick against a grey background.

Having pale skin is not a detriment. It allows you to experiment more with different lipstick colors. The key is to make sure you know your skin type and undertone colors.

With that knowledge, you should be able to find the right lipstick color that adds to your natural beauty and make your face shine.

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