Eyeliner Vs Eyebrow Pencil

Close up of a woman applying eyebrow pencil

What’s in a look, plenty. Eyebrow pencils can make or break your entire look. You may not have noticed, but how you shape your eyebrows can make you look warm and cozy or mean and ugly. It is all in how you wield that pencil.

What is Eyeliner?

Woman having liquid eyeliner applied to top lid of her eye.

Eyeliner is a make-up option that highlights your eyes. It can be applied above or below the eye or in both positions. This make-up option is designed to help make your eye color pop and be seen very clearly.

Plus, this creamy or liquid product can help you design the look around your eye to match your fashion statement or costume you want to wear. In any case, your eyes should look great once you apply the eyeliner correctly.

Too much eyeliner is not a good thing, and you should follow the less is more advice when applying this product.

What is Eyebrow Pencil?

Close up of a hazel colored female eye with eyebrow pencil being applied to brow.

An eyebrow pencil is another make-up option. However, its duty is to help you shape your eyebrows so that they look exactly how you want them to look. You can trim or pluck your eyebrows to help shape them, then use the eyebrow pencil to finish off the look.

Also, you can make your eyebrows look thicker than they are by filling in some space with this pencil. You can draw precise lines with the pencil to make sure your eyebrows look perfect.

This make-up option comes in several colors including black and blue. You can match your eyeshadow if you want.

How Are They Different?

Eyeliner being applied in a strong, cat-eye look

While eyeliner does come in a pencil format, the eyebrow pencil does not have other application options. Eyeliner is more of a liquid and cream while the eyebrow pencil is a solid application with a good tip to it.

Also, the eyeliner usually has a brush to apply the make-up and it is easier to make a mistake with it than when you use the eyebrow pencil. Then the eyebrow pencil is not as dark as the eyeliner in most cases.

In addition to that, eyebrow pencils tend to be a bit waxy which may or may not feel good or add to your look that much.

How Are They Similar?

Eyebrow pencil isolated on a white background.

One place where they are similar is in the pencil format. Both make-up products come in pencil form and go on nice and easily. You do not have to be an expert at applying make-up to use either product.

Then, you can use eyeliner to highlight your eyebrows and make them look thick, thin, or just right. it is possible to use eyebrow pencils as an eyeliner, but the color difference may not give you the effect you want.

What’s Better About Eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner cap and brush making squiggles on a white background.

It is hard to say which is better than the other as they usually have different duties to perform. However, the eyeliner comes in 3 application styles which makes it easier to apply and get the look you want.

Then, eyeliner can be and has been used to replace the eyebrow pencil. Many women apply eyeliner to their eyebrows and this versatility makes this product a little better. On top of that, eyeliner usually is darker than eyebrow pencil color.

You do not have to apply the eyeliner so often to get the dark texture you want.

What’s Better About Eyebrow Pencil?

Eyebrow pencil being applied to woman's brow.

It is a simple product to use and just about everyone who wants to re-shape their eyebrows can use it. Its versatility lies in how it makes your eyebrows look.

You can change the style of your eyebrows to make a fashion statement, look romantic, or however you want to look. That allows you to be creative and innovative with your eyebrows’ shape.

Then, since it is only in a pencil format, you do not have to worry about spills or drips. You can lay the pencil anywhere without making a mess. Something you can’t do with an eyeliner brush.

Who Should Get Eyeliner?

Woman pursing her lips while applying eyeliner while looking in a large mirror.

For young kids, they should talk to their parents first as eyeliner is not for everyone. Plus, you do need help in learning how to apply it correctly. Older women should be fine with this product, and it works well if you like going to costume parties.

This is a product that is more of a personal choice as not everyone looks good in eyeliner, nor does it fit the clothing they are wearing.

Who Should Get Eyebrow Pencil?

Woman applying eyebrow pencil while looking in a small handheld mirror.

This product is for those women who want to reshape their eyebrows to look better than they think. When they get tired of one look, they can use the eyebrow pencil to change to something more exciting.

Then, this product is for those who like being creative with their fashion style. It allows them to be fashion-forward in make-up and in clothing. Plus, you can match your eyebrows to your mood with a little re-shaping and shading.

Comparison Chart

  Category  Eyeliner  Eyebrow pencil
  Formats  3  1
  Styles  Brush, gel, and pencil  Pencil
  Color  Usually is darker and more vibrant  Not so dark or vibrant
  Variety of colors  Yes  Yes
  Easy of use  With the pencil not with the other formats  Very easy to apply
  Cost  Varies  Inexpensive
Eye pencils isolated on a white background

Eyeliner Vs Eye Pencil

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