Eyeliner VS Kajal

Woman having Kajal applied to eyes

Kajal has been in existence for about 5000 years. The cosmetic has been recorded as being used by the very early Egyptians in 3100 BC. Usually, this eye make-up is used throughout the Middle East and Africa

What is Eyeliner?

Eyeliner being applied to woman's eye

This beauty product is designed to go on the eyelids of a woman and highlight their eyes. With the right application, you can make your eyes look bigger or smaller. It all depends on how you want your face to look.

Plus, you can add a creative touch to your normal eye look by adding wings or other decorative lines. The eyeliner can be placed underneath the eye as well. Then you can find this product in different colors so you can match your eye shadow.

The product comes in a gel, liquid, or pencil format with the latter the cheapest of the three.

What is Kajal?

Woman applying Kajal to her eyes

Originally found in black only, the makers of Kajal or Kohl have branched out and created other colors for this eye beauty product. When you apply kajal it goes along the water line of your eye, both the inner and outer parts.

For best results, you want the kind made from all-natural ingredients. Some of those ingredients are the juice of the Monasha plant, castor oil sandalwood, ghee. Mothers used to apply kajal to their baby’s eyes to protect them from being hurt from the evil eye.

Kajal is not a western product although it is finding its way west now.

How are they Different?

Liquid eyeliner being applied to the top lid of an eye

One of the biggest differences between the 2 products is that Kajal is found in a stick solid format only. On the other hand, eyeliner is made into a gel, liquid, or pencil. Then while kajal can be applied to the waterline it is best not to do so with eyeliner.

Kajal is also made from natural ingredients, for the most part. Eyeliner is made from chemicals that could damage your eyes if you are not careful. Then kajal is supposed to protect a woman’s eye from infection while eyeliner is the source for certain infections that take place.

How are they Similar?

Heavily made up eye with red eye shadow

One similarity is that both products can be found in black. The makers of kajal are catching up to the makers of eyeliner and creating more colors. Another similarity is that both products are designed to help your eyes look more attractive.

Some applications are the same between the two products. When using the eyeliner pencil anyone can do it and the same goes for the kajal stick. You do not need to be an expert to apply that product.

What’s Better About Eyeliner?

Woman of color with brown hair wearing eyeliner

What makes eyeliner superior to kajal is that it comes in three different formats. With those choices, a woman can pick the best one for her skill and confidence. Plus, she can create different looks in her eyes without making a mess.

With the pencil format, a woman can also smudge the eyeliner a bit, just like kajal can be smudged, and create a nice smokey effect around her eyes. Also, eyeliner still comes in more colors than kajal does. This provides more opportunities for women to match the make-up colors they use around their eyes, cheeks, and elsewhere.

What’s Better About Kajal?

Eye wearing heavy makeup in the cat eye style

The most important aspect of kajal that makes it better than eyeliner is all the natural ingredients that are used. These ingredients are healthy for the eyes and help prevent infections from taking place.

Then, it comes in a stick format only. This stick helps women apply the kajal in the most effective way possible. The format takes away any risk of mishaps due to slips or muscle cramps and so on.

Finally, being able to smudge kajal allows a woman to add a sultry look to her eyes making her more attractive or mysterious.

Who Should Get Eyeliner?

Whole face view of a woman wearing eyeliner and pink lipstick with her hand to the side of her face

Any woman who wants to add another level of beauty to her already gorgeous looks. She can buy the format she likes to use and can save money by sticking to the pencil option. Beginners in applying makeup should also go for the pencil version of eyeliner.

The lack of risk makes it easier to apply and to draw better lines.

Who Should Get Kajal?

a Kajal pencil isolated on a white and black background with a scribble in front of the tip

Just about any age group of women who is old enough to use makeup would benefit from this product. It is easy to apply and can be smudged to provide that more alluring look some women want.

When you want to feel exotic, then kajal is the beauty product to turn to.

Quick Comparison Chart

  Category  Eyeliner  Kajal
  Colors  Many different colors  Right now just one
  For eyelids  Yes  Yes and no
  For the waterline  No  Yes
  Formats  Gel, liquid, and pencil  Solid stick form
  Able to smudge  One format  Yes
  Ingredients  Usually just chemicals  Usually only natural ingredients
  Cost  Fairly inexpensive  More expensive than eyeliner
Woman in make up with one eye without

Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner

Eye pencils isolated on a white background

Eyeliner Vs Eye Pencil