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Eyeliner Vs Kohl

Kohl pencil in a small tray

Women have always wanted to look more attractive since the beginning of time women have sought products to enhance their features. Eyeliner and kohl both have a long history with the former going back up to 10,000 years and kohl only 5,000 years.

What is Eyeliner?

Eyeliner pencil isolated on a white background.

Eyeliner is a beauty product that helps make your eye color pop or stand out. It is used to enhance the shape of your eyes as well as work with your eye color to make them look better than ever.

Also, you can find eyeliner in a variety of colors helping you to match your eye shadow better. You are not limited to just one color, black, but have several colorful options to choose from.

Eyeliner also comes in 3 different formats. This allows you to pick the best style of application that suits you best.

What is Kohl?

Kohl makeup isolated in on a white background.

Kohl is not technically eyeliner but can be used as such. It comes with a soft texture that is smooth to apply. Plus, it is easy to apply around your eyes. Unlike eyeliner, this product can be applied to the water line to make sure your eyes have that alluring look.

When you are finished applying kohl, your eyes should have that silky look and feel to them. Plus, it glides over the curves of your eye with ease. Then you can put kohl between your eyelashes to complete your look. There is a lot of versatility to using kohl.

How Are They Different?

Extreme close up of a brown eye wearing pink toned makeup

One difference has kohl lasting on your eyes for several days while eyeliner can be washed off fairly easily and quickly. Then kohl is said to have some medicinal properties which the chemically laden eyeliner does not have.

Where eyeliner may beat kohl is in the hard-line definitive look. Eyeliner does not blend in very well as kohl can. Also, kohl can go on the waterline of your eye whereas eyeliner needs to stay on your upper and lower eyelids.

Finally, it is said that eyeliner is older than kohl by a good 5,000 years. It has been the go-to eye make-up product since the caveman supposedly walked the earth.

How Are They Similar?

Extreme close up of a blue eye wearing smoky eye makeup with pink eye shadow

Both products are made to highlight your eyes. While kohl may not come in as many colors, it still has a few you can choose from to make sure your eyes look their best. Eyeliner can do the same and when both are applied right, people are usually staring at the beauty of your eyes.

Also, both can be fairly easy to apply which is always a good aspect of any make-up product. Then both products should not be that expensive depending on the brand and where you buy them. Both should be affordable and expensive at the same time.

What’s Better About Eyeliner?

Close up of eyeliner being applied to an eye

The eyeliner comes in 3 different formats which allow women of almost any age to apply it to their eyes. Plus, it can go on with relative ease and makes sure your eyes are shaped the way you want.

Also, the color range of eyeliner may be superior to the color range of kohl. The latter may not come in as many colors which means you can use different eyeliners to match your eye shadow and so on.

Eyeliner may also be found anywhere cosmetics are sold. This makes obtaining the color and type you want convenient and easy.

What’s Better About Kohl?

Kohl being applied under an eye

The first thing that stands out about kohl is its medicinal factors. It is a product that is made from natural ingredients which will not harm your eyes. Unlike eyeliner which has chemical compounds in it, kohl is safe to use.

Then because kohl is smooth and soft, it glides over your eyes making it very hard to make a mistake while applying it. The silky texture is hard to beat as well. You can probably get a more sophisticated look using kohl than you would with eyeliner.

Finally, kohl also provides a more natural look. The other make-up products tend to leave a more commercial, artificial look to your face. The natural look is always superior to any other look you can have.

Who Should Get Eyeliner?

Open tube of liquid eye liner

This product is for those women who want to create a certain fashion look. They want their eyes to look more sophisticated and in touch with the current make-up and fashion trends.

It is also a product that is perfect for romantic encounters, casual affairs, or business meetings. You just do not want to put it on real thick or your eyes will be a distraction not a look of beauty.

Who Should Get Kohl?

Kohl pencil with a scribble isolated on a white background.

This make-up product is for those women who enjoy looking natural. They like the soft smooth feel that glides over their skin and prefer that natural silky feeling over the hard chemical one eyeliner provides.

Also, kohl is for those women who like natural ingredients and not the chemicals next to their skin. The medicinal properties are beneficial to women making kohl very safe to use on a regular basis.

Comparison Chart

  Category  Eyeliner  Kohl
  Age  10,000+ years old  5,000+ years old
  Ingredients  Chemicals  Natural ones
  Texture  Hard and not so soft  Soft, smooth, and silky
  Finish  Hard crisp lines  Soft and silky
  Medicinal properties  No  Yes
  Cost  Can be very affordable  Reasonably priced
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