Eyeliner VS Mascara

Close up of woman's eye having mascara applied

Did you know that the average woman owns 40 beauty or make up products at any given time? Then these same women only use 5 of those products on a regular basis. That means that 87% of those make up products go to waste.

What is Mascara?

Open tube of mascara with some smeared on the pink background

This product is for your eyelashes. Its purpose is to make those slender lashes look thick and gorgeous. With the right application, your eyes can look a lot bigger, more attractive and give you that puppy dog look that melts men’s hearts.

But that is not its only duty. Mascara also provides a protective coating protecting your eyes and lashes from dust and the sunlight. This protective layer helps keep your eyes and lashes in top shape.

The trick is not to over-apply this make up product. You want some mascara not a lot on your eyelashes.

What is Eyeliner?

Eye liner wand scribbling eyeliner on a white background

This beauty product goes around the exterior of your eyes. You can make your eyes look bigger, smaller, more exotic, and so on with the right application technique. Plus, it will brighten your eyes and hide those ugly bags that make you look tired.

In addition, eyeliner adds definition to your eyes, giving you that feminine look many men adore. Then, this product can make your eyelashes look fuller without being directly applied to them. Then you have some creative techniques at your disposal to make your eyes appear any way you want them to.

How are they Different?

Photo of woman's whole face as she applies mascara

One of the most obvious differences between these two beauty products is in how they are applied. Mascara is usually only applied with a brush made for eyelashes. Whereas, eyeliner can come in two forms, a liquid or in pencil shape.

The application process is a little different as well. In either case, you do have to be careful when you apply these products as you do not want to get them in your eyes. Price will be another difference between these two. You would have to do some comparison shopping to see which one is cheaper than the other.

How are they Similar?

Close up of an eye having eyeliner applied

Both products come in either waterproof or non-waterproof styles. You can wear either all day and even through rainstorms. Then both products strive to make your eyes look more glamorous.

Also, both products can complement each other, or they can be used separately. It all depends on the look you are going for. What negatives they share in common is that they both have a short shelf life and can go bad rather quickly.

Also, if past their best by date, you could be spreading bacteria on your eyes with either product.

What’s Better About Mascara?

Close up of a blue eye having mascara applied

This make up option is probably easier to apply. Your brush is well away from your eyes, and you do not have to touch your skin when applying it. The brush works well with the lashes, and it is hard to mess up.

Then it takes less time to apply the right amount of mascara to those lashes. You do not have to worry about keeping a straight line. The only thing you have to worry about is not applying so much that it starts to run on you.

On top of that, you can wear mascara just about anywhere you go. Unlike eyeliner, mascara is welcome on every occasion.

What’s Better About Eyeliner?

Close up of someone applying eyeliner to a woman's face

This product enhances the look of your eyes by adding depth and some dimension to them. The sharp clear lines help you create a look that is certain to dazzle. With two types to choose from, you can pick the best type to work with your eyes and confidence level.

Plus, you get more creative options with eyeliner over mascara. Your lines can be drawn any way you like and you can enhance the look of your lashes without using any mascara.

Eyeliner lets your creative spirit take over and create something spectacular with your eyes.

Who Should Get Mascara?

Open tube of mascara on a white background

For young girls, this depends on what limits your parents have placed on you as you are growing up. But for the rest of the female population, just about any age group can benefit from using this product.

When you want to impress a date, make a husband jealous or if you just want to look like you have very thick lashes then this is the product you should use.

Who Should Get Eyeliner?

Open tube of eyeliner on a white background

This is not a product for every age group nor is it a product for every occasion or event you attend. If you are trying to make yourself look older, then this is something you can use.

Then, if you want an exotic look, you can turn to eyeliner. This product certainly accomplishes both objectives. However, it should not be used by everyone. Not every woman or young girl can pull off the looks this product brings to their eyes.

Quick Comparison Chart

  Category  Mascara  Eyeliner
  Color  One color- black  May come in multiple colors
  Application  Brush only  Either by brush or pencil
  Location  Applied to either the upper or lower eyelash or both  Applied to the eyelid and just under the eye
  Results  Makes eyelashes look thicker and more full  Makes eyes look bigger and provides a creative look
Close up of eye with red eyeliner on top eyelid

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