Eyeliner VS No Eyeliner

Woman in make up with one eye without

The stats tell an interesting story. Approx. 90 to 95% of all women wear at least one type of make-up. Eyeliner is just one of those types and may not be used by nearly all women who use make up products.

What is Eyeliner?

Close up of eyeliner being applied to an  eye

Eyeliner is exactly what it says. It is a beauty product that goes around the edge of your eye, top, and bottom, to prove the user with a unique, exotic, or mysterious look. Eyeliner comes in 3 formats, pencil, gel, and liquid.

It takes a little practice to perfect the application technique and the easiest to apply would be the pencil format. This beauty product allows you to create some fantastic designs around your eyes, making them appear larger or smaller than they really are.

Eyeliner can be expensive depending on the format you buy.

What is No Eyeliner?

Blonde woman wearing no eye makeup

This too is very evident from its name. No eyeliner simply means that the woman did not apply any eyeliner when she did her make up. She relied on her eye shadow, mascara, and other beauty products to highlight her eyes.

The no eyeliner look can make you appear young, naive, wide-eyed, and innocent. Those are not bad looks to have around your eyes. One reason why many women skip eyeliner is to keep the chemicals away from their eyes and protect themselves from harm.

The lack of eyeliner may also remove any definition or depth to your eyes at the same time.

How are they Different?

Woman with long pink nails applying eyeliner to her eyes

Since one is not a beauty product, they differ in that regard. One is just leaving the beauty product off the make-up list in order to create the way you want people to see you.

The other is a chemical-based product that has 3 formats, yet all 3 formats are applied in the same basic manner. The eyeliner is a chemical-based product that may cause damage to your eyes if a mistake occurs.

The no eyeliner option protects your eyes as no chemicals get close enough to them to do any harm. Your eyes will look natural and beautiful with the no eyeliner look.

How are they Similar?

close up of a Caucasian eye, brown in color, wearing no makeup

They are not similar in any way. One is the absence of any color to the area immediately surrounding your eyes which may have your eyes look natural, beautiful but lacking in any definition.

The other will add different colors to that same area helping to provide definition as well as create a unique look to your eyes. This beauty product can provide a nice sultry look to your eyes or make them look exotic.

The lack of eye liner does not diminish the beauty of your eyes. It just makes sure that nothing is distracting from that beauty

What’s Better About Eyeliner?

Close up of a face while eyeliner is being applied

The best thing about eyeliner is that you get to be creative where your eyes are concerned. You get to make them look however you want and provide a lot of depth and definition to them.

Also, you can find eyeliner in different colors which allows you to match up your eye shadow without distracting from the effect that make up product has on your eyes. Eyeliner can be easy to put on if you get it in the right format.

Then you can meet any special occasion by using eyeliner and look sophisticated, classy, and fashion-forward.

What’s Better About No Eyeliner?

Close up of a naked eye

First, your eyes will be healthier and safer. You do not need to worry about what those chemicals are doing to your eye lids or eyes. Second, you will have the benefits that come with the natural look.

People get to see you as you really are, and they will be able to see the natural beauty your eyes have. Third, you save time. Without spending the time needed to apply eyeliner, you can get ready faster and be on time.

Eyeliner is for special occasions while the no eyeliner look can be worn just about anywhere you go. It is accepted at the office more readily than eyeliner is.

Who Should Get Eyeliner?

Red headed woman wearing red lipstick having eyeliner applied

This beauty product really is not for young girls. They do not need to appear older or more sophisticated than they really are. The age group that should start buying eye liner is college-age women who have a lot of fashion-themed events to attend.

Older women, senior citizens, should also refrain from using this product. It is more of a young woman’s application. Between young adult and upper-middle age would be the best groups that can benefit from using this product.

Who Should Get No Eyeliner?

Close up of a woman with no makeup

Just about any woman at any age would benefit from displaying their natural beauty. There are very few reasons that would justify using eyeliner and about as many that would justify not using no eyeliner.

In other words, this is about the best look you can have especially when you are trying to impress someone.

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