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How to Apply White Eyeliner to Waterline

Close up of an eye wearing white eyeliner over the top eyelid

Switch Up Your Make-Up Routine

One way to get more attention is to try something different. In the case of make-up around your eyes, you can achieve a bolder look by changing from black to white eyeliner.

Then color is not the only way to make a change. Use the white eyeliner along your waterline to provide your eyes with a vibrant and bold look. To achieve this change just continue to read our article.

It has the information you need to know about in order to look different in a good way. Change for the better is always a good thing.

Good White Eyeliner for Waterline

White eyeliner pencil  with outside of pencil painted black on a white background.

When you want to make that needed change, there are some good white eyeliner brands to help you achieve your objective.

1. Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner

This eyeliner comes in 20 different color shades. Plus 2 of those shades are said to be white. That kind of selection allows you to enhance your eyes no matter what mood you are in or what look you want to present to the world. This product is water-resistant and transfer-proof making sure that it remains all night.

2. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil

Pencils are best when you are making your waterline more attractive. They protect your eyes while giving them a great look. This pencil eyeliner should last you up to 36 hours after application.

Then its water-resistant, smudge & transfer-proof formula keeps your eyes looking great all night long. The matte finish should not overpower any other color of make-up you have on.

3. Wet N Wild Color Icon Kohl Liner Pencil

Beauty does not have to be expensive. Plus, you do not have to tell anyone how little you paid for this eyeliner option. Its creamy smooth texture lasts for about 12 hours and lets you create a variety of looks every time you go out.

Being a bit frugal is not a bad thing when the results surpass your expectations.

4. Maybelline New York Tattoostudio Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

No list would be complete without an entry from the top make-up brand in the world. The polished white shade is a matte finish so your face should shine from your inner beauty, not the products you put on it.

This option should last up to 36 hours and is smudge-proof, water-resistant as well as has a rich pigmentation.

5. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner, White

With a built-in smudger and sharpener, this company is trying to surpass Maybelline as the #1 company for make-up. The ability to control the thickness of your eyeliner helps them gain a little ground in this beauty war.

The smudger helps you blend in color so that everything looks just right. Including that smoky look you have always admired. Lasts up to 16 hours without transferring any color.

There are other top brands producing great white eyeliner. Do a little search to find the perfect one for you.

How to Apply White Eyeliner

1. Use a Little Concealer

Close up of a woman applying concealer under one eye against a white background

While this product hides a lot of blemishes, it can also help your white eyeliner stay in place longer.

2. Make Sure Your Waterline is Dry

Close up of a bright blue eye

A dry waterline helps the eyeliner stick longer. You won’t have to worry about how your eyes look throughout the night.

3. Head Position is Important

In the mirror view of a woman applying eyeliner

Look directly at the mirror and then tilt your head down without moving your eyes or stare. Then use your fingertip to pull your lower eyelid down.

4. Apply the Eyeliner

Close up of white eyeliner being applied to a blue eye

Once you have the correct position, now is the time to apply the white eyeliner. Use a sharp pencil and sweeping gestures while pulling the eyelid down.

5. Clean Up the Smudges

woman surrounded by makeup and skin care products wiping away a smudge from under her eye

This will give your eyes that clean look that attracts not detracts

6. Use a Powder

This application will help set your eyeliner and keep it where you want it to be.

White Eyeliner Tips

There are several looks you can choose to use. The one you use will depend on how comfortable you are with that placement of the eyeliner.

1. Choose the Right Eyeliner

Powder brush being held up to a woman's cheek as to apply powder

Pencils are best but you can use a gel or liquid eyeliner. However, those latter two options can get in your eye and cause irritation. The pencil should be designed for use on your waterline.

2. Only One Application

For the best look, avoid touching up this part of your make-up. It is possible to get an infection if you do later touch-ups.

3. Use a Sharp Pencil

white eyeliner pencil being applied to a lower eyelid

Dull does not apply the eyeliner that well so always sharpen the eyeliner pencil before using. This makes sure you are not putting any bacteria on or near your eyes.

4. Curl Those Lashes

This may take a few minutes to do but the curl helps the eyeliner remain in place. It also keeps your eyelashes from touching the eyeliner.

Some Final Words

Woman's face wearing makeup

Using the right eyeliner and the right technique should make your eyes look better. Just make sure that you do not get any eyeliner in your eye and always use clean products near your eyes.

Close up of 2 female eyes wearing heavy white eyeliner on the top lid

Where to Put White Eyeliner

Woman applying white eyeliner against a white background

Ways to Use White Eyeliner