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How to Choose Eyeliner Color

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Applying make-up can be complicated. Not the technique or and method of application but in choosing the right eyeliner color. There are so many variables to consider that it does make it difficult to find the right color without a little training.

These factors include skin type, skin tone, eye color, and your regular eye shadow color. Once you co-ordinate all of these aspects, you stand a very good chance of finding the right eyeliner color for your face.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the right eyeliner color and make your eyes pop. Don’t be overwhelmed by the myriad of eyeliner colors you have at your disposal.

How to Choose Eyeliner Color

Close up of an eye wearing cat eye makeup with a teal/ blue eyeliner

There are several aspects to consider before you go to the make-up counter and buy your eyeliner. The color you choose should make you and your eyes look good. Here are some tips to help you find the right color for your eyes:

1. Eye Color – This factor is probably the largest and most important one to follow. Check the color of your eyes to make sure you get the right eyeliner color. For example, women with blue eyes can wear a neutral brown or a nice eye-popping blue eyeliner.

Then people with green eyes can go with deeper browns that contain some purple undertones. If your eye color is brown, then you have a lot more choices to work with including just about any dark eyeliner color on the market

Then Hazel eyed women have a lot more flexibility as they can choose the eyeliner color to highlight any one of their colors in their eyes. If you want to highlight the green in your eyes goes with black, green, or plum colors.

Closeup of an eye in pink makeup with black eyeliner

2. Eye Shadow Color – You do not want to have competing colors surrounding your eyes. Clashing colors do not make anyone look beautiful no matter how far they are trying to push the envelope.

To keep your look nice and clean, try using the same color for both the eye shadow and liner. Or go a little darker with the eyeliner. For example, if you use a light brown eye shadow, go with a darker brown eyeliner.

Or go with a plum or dark rose color when you wear a light pink eye shadow.

3. Misc. Aspects – It is not wrong to wear more than one eyeliner when you go out. Your primary color should follow the advice given above and then opt for a white, gold, or silver color for your secondary eyeliner.

These colors add more depth to your eyes while making them bigger, brighter, and more open. This is a case where less is more. Just a touch of the secondary colors will achieve great results.

Next, you need to be aware of the day and night looks that eyeliner colors come in. The day look can be more muted and neutral so you can be comfortable at work or at school.

The night look is for when you have more freedom and want to really dress up your eyes with different colors.

7 types of eyeliner on a white background with squiggles coming from the tip of each one.

4. Types of Eyeliners- The different types of this make-up product also play a large role in how your eyes will look. For example, the liquid eyeliners may have a darker color to them than say the pencil eyeliner option.

Also, pencil eyeliners give you more control over how the color will look. You can make the eyeliner as light or as dark as you want, an option that does not come with the liquid types.

The same goes for when you want a smokey or smudged look. Pencil eyeliners are perfect for this while liquid options do not provide that same flexibility.

Beginner Tip

Close up of eye liner pencil being applied to eye

Using eyeliner can be a bit complicated as it is harder to use the liquid options than it is using the pencil versions. As a beginner, you should start with the pencil types as they are easier to apply, and it is next to impossible to make a mistake when doing so.

Then when you have built up your confidence, you can move up to applying the liquid versions. It will take some practice, but it won’t be long before you are applying liquid eyeliner like a pro.

Some Final Words

Close up of teal eye liner on a pair of eyes

When choosing your eyeliner color make sure to know your skin color, your eye color, and the color of eye shadow you want to use first. Once you know those three important factors, choosing the right eyeliner color is going to be a snap.

The key is to be patient and do a little experimenting to make sure you have the right colors in all categories.

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