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How to Make Cat Eyes with Eyeliner

Close up portrait of a woman wearing cat eye eyeliner

Cats and Women are often compared. There is just something about those cat eyes that help make those felines more mysterious. That is the same attitude many women have as they want to be mysterious as well. Copying cat eyes is one way to get that mysterious feeling.

To do this style of make-up right, just continue reading our article. It has the techniques and information you need to know about so you can keep your boyfriend guessing.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Cat Eyes

Woman applying eyeliner in cat eye style

There are two methods you can use to achieve this mysterious look. The trick is not to smudge anything as you apply the eyeliner.

Use a Make-up Brush to Create Your Outline

There are several steps involved in this technique. You need to follow each step-in order to make sure you get the cat eye look down right.

1. Apply a Neutral or Light Eye Shadow- You go from the lash line to the crease and this application will make applying the eyeliner smoother.

2. Find Your End Point- This is done by placing a thin brush at the tip of your nose and then moving it till it reaches the end of your eyebrow (the end furthest from the nose). Do both sides as this helps you get identical lengths.

3. Make a Starting Dot- Use your eyeliner to place a dot right above the crease. This will indicate the tip of your wing. Do the same thing on the other side to make sure you get them in the exact same spots

Woman applying cat eye eyeliner

4. Draw Your First Line- This line goes from the dot to the outer corner of your eye. Try not to pull on your skin when doing this. Pulling your skin may help draw the line but when you release your skin, it tends to make the line look sloppy.

5. Draw Your Second Line- This one goes from the dot to the middle of the upper lash line. You get to decide how high you want the cat eye to go so pick the best spot for you and your eyes.

6. Do Some Fill Work- This step has you filling in the space you have created by drawing the second line. It is possible that you can skip this step depending on how you angled your brush when applying the second line.

7. Double-Check Your Drawing- This is the time to clean up any mistakes you may have made. Use a cotton swab to remove unwanted eyeliner. Use a cotton swab with a pointed tip.

Woman with head tilted forward applying cat eye eyeliner

8. Draw Your Third Line- This line goes from the inner corner of your eye to the point where your cat eye ended.

9. Add a Little Thickness- You do this by changing the angle of the brush then moving towards the cat eye. Make sure your hand is stable when you do this.

10. Finish the Look- To finish your cat eye, add your mascara.

Using Tape as a Guide

Woman having cat eye makeup applied while using take as a guide

Some women are not that great at doing cat eyes free hand and they end up with a lot of mess to clean up. However, you can build your confidence by using tape as your guide.

1. Apply Neutral or Light Eyeshadow- Just like step one in the previous method, get your eye shadow in place first before you do anything else.

2. Apply the Tape- This will go next to the outer corner of your eye and just below your lower eyelashes. Angle the tape towards your temple or angle it towards the end of your eyebrow.

3. Draw Your First Line- This line goes from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to go thicker as you reach the outer corner of your eye.

4. Use the Tape- The tape will guide you as you draw the line past the outer corner of your eye. Start to go thinner on the eyeliner as you go up along the tape. Stop at the end of the tape.

5. Carefully Remove the Tape- Go slow to avoid any painful experiences. Also, use this time to clean up any mistakes once the tape is removed. If any make-up is removed at this time, just patch it up

6. Finish with Your Mascara

Some Final Words

Close up of a single eye wearing cat eye makeup

Getting the perfect cat eye will take some practice. You need to build your confidence up in order to draw those straight lines. Plus, do not worry about making mistakes. This type of make-up removes easily, and you can redo your work with ease.

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