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How to Use White Eyeliner to Make Eyes Bigger

Woman applying white eyeliner to waterline of eye

Those puppy dog eyes, they are large, beautiful, and melt hearts. It is hard to resist that type of look. Making your eyes look bigger to become more irresistible can take a little work. Plus, it also takes the right use of make up to get the task done.

To learn more about how white eyeliner can make your eyes bigger and more irresistible, just continue reading our article. It has that information for you to utilize. Getting the right tips makes sure your eyes become bigger, more attractive, and better to look at.

How to Use White Eyeliner to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Closeup of woman applying white eye liner to waterline of eye

Use it on Your Waterline

One thing about using a light color, it makes everything appear to be bigger than it really is. Rooms painted in a light color often appear at least 1 1/2 times larger than they would look if painted with a dark color.

The same applies to your eyes. A light color makes them appear larger than they really are.

On Your Eyelids

Use your lash line as your application line and put a thick line of white eyeliner across it. When your eyes are open, it will look like you are using white eyeshadow and not an eyeliner.

That is not a bad idea as a white eyeshadow will also help make your eyes pop.

Below the Waterline

It is being said that the rules for applying make up are no more. You are free to use white eyeliner below this mark on your eye to enhance your look and express your personality.

Woman applying white eyeliner to her eyelid

Above the Eyelid Line

If you want to push the envelope a little bit, you can add dimension to your eyes by placing the white eyeliner in this location. Just make sure the line is thin and you draw the line in one smooth stroke.

Cat Eyes

It is a very dramatic look that appeals to many women. The good news is that you do not have to use black to get that perfect cat-eye look. You can use white as well and draw your lines as thick or as thin as you want.

Or you can combine the two colors for a rather unique and interesting fashion statement.

Steps to Take When Using White Eyeliner

Head tilted forward applying white eye liner to water line of eye

1. Do a Test First

This needs to be done in order for you to know how the liner will look on your skin. You also will want to test the tip out to make sure you get the density and thickness you want.

2. Sharpen Your Tip

This is important to apply the right thickness of the liner. Just do not make the point too sharp. Also, you will want to apply the liner to your lower eyelid and make sure to go all the way across the inner rim.

3. Add Mascara

Not just to your upper eyelashes but to your lower ones as well. The combination of white eyeliner and black mascara should make your eyes look a lot bigger. Just be careful not to smudge the make-up.

4. Apply Some to Your Upper Eyelid

This step will help you make your eyes pop even more. The way to do this is to gently apply the eyeliner then smudge it a bit to give a little smokey effect. You do not want a clear line at this point.

Does White Eyeliner Make Eyes Bigger

Pair of brown eyes in full makeup wearing white eye liner

Yes, it can do just that. Light colors tend to make spaces look a lot larger and the same principle applies to your eyes. The lighter the color, the larger your eyes should look.

Of course, there are some tricks to apply to ensure that you get larger looking eyes:

1. When you go for that smokey look, apply a little white eyeliner to the inner top eyelid. Then blend in your darker eye shadow on the outside. Make sure to blur that darker color well.

2. If you only want to highlight a small portion of your eyes, then use some illuminator below your eyes. That will draw the attention of others to that area.

3. Go with a contrast. To keep your look simple and casual, use white eyeliner and then use a darker colored lipstick. This combination should really bring your eyes out and make them seem larger.

White color certainly has its uses. It can make a room look pure, a young girl like an angel and it can also make your eyes look bigger. Use this color wisely will have people marveling at how big and beautiful your eyes are.

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