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How to Use White Eyeliner

Close up of a brown eye with heavy white eyeliner over the top lid

Looking tired and worn out, it may be the opportunity you were looking for. This is the time to turn those tired-looking eyes into energetic, vibrant eyes. Instead of reaching for the black eyeliner, a color that may enhance that tired look and reach for something different.

White eyeliner helps turn tired-looking eyes into something special. Get a bold look when you use white eyeliner and have others in the room sit up and take notice. It just takes a little application know-how to achieve that objective.

To learn how to use white eyeliner effectively, just continue to read our article. It has the information and guidelines to help you look bold and beautiful when you are tired.

How to Apply White Eyeliner

Woman applying white eyeliner pencil to her top eylid

There are two good methods you can use to apply white eyeliner. Just pick the one that will work best for you.

1. Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

Closeup of white eyeliner pencil being applied to the waterline on the bottom eyelid

The first step in this method is to apply some eye shadow primer. This application helps your make-up last longer and the primer should be put on your eyelids dry.

The second step is to choose two different eye shadows. Your preferred shade should be lighter than the second and be placed on your eyelid up to 2/3rds of the way to your eyebrow.

The darker second eye shadow color goes along your lash line and in the crease of the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to fade it in as you get closer to your nose.

The third step involves creating a V from the inner corner of your eye using white eyeliner. Go up about a centimeter along the lower and upper eyelid. Then line the upper lash line with the white eyeliner.

Next, use a matte eye shadow color to line the lower waterline and use a brush after application to soften the look. After that, you can tightline the upper waterline with the same white eyeliner you have already used.

To finish this method off, add your mascara on both upper and lower eyelashes.

Almost all of these steps are optional and are left up to your judgment.

2. Applying the Bold White Eyeliner

Woman with brown eyes wearing heavy white eyeliner over her top lid and penciled white eyebrows.

To start, you need to draw an all-white cat-eye look with a nice white color eyeliner. This is done by drawing a clear line around your eye then smudging it with a brush, then drawing a new clear line.

Don’t forget to add the cat-eye portion when you are done. Finally, add some dark mascara to finish your look.

Another way to get a nice bold look is to draw a very thick line of white eyeliner across your upper lid. You will want to be as close to the lash line as possible. When this application is done, apply dark mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

A third way to get a nice bold look is to start with a normal line of white eyeliner. Then take a second eyeliner color and draw a second line covering about half of the first. Do not add any mascara with this option.

Then there is the frosted eye look and it all starts with a metallic cream eye shadow. Apply the shadow to the upper and lower lids with the latter below the lash line. Then use a brush or sponge to blend the edges in.

After that, line the bottom eyelid with a white eyeliner. You can use clear mascara if you want to finish your look. Finally, use white eyeliner on your lower lid and black on your upper. This look should give you a nice retro appearance as well as make your eyes appear larger.

These methods are simple, but they do have a long-lasting effect. Plus, they should draw attention to your eyes and how good they look.

One Tip

White eyeliner pencil being applied to the bottom lid of a hazel covered eye

When lining your lower waterline, it is best to use a pencil. This application of eyeliner should not get into your eyes like gel or liquid eyeliner can. Protect your eyes at all times.

Some Final Words

Woman with dark hair and dark brown eyes wearing white fur with white eyeliner on her bottom eyelid

Getting your eyes to pop or look vibrant is not that hard of a task to do. It just takes using the right eyeliner instead of the traditional black color. Each of these options should also help your beautiful eyes look larger giving you a better overall appearance.

Also, these options should not take a lot of time from start to finish. It is worth investing the time in order to get the attention you want. Going too quickly will give you a different look, one that is not so complimentary.

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