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How to Wear Red Eyeshadow

Close up of eyes with bold red eye makeup

Red is not just for lips. Everyone uses red on their lips but not everyone has the courage to try that color as eye shadow. Although that is changing somewhat as fashion houses continue to use red as an eye shadow on their models.

The good news is that red will work on any skin type as long as you can find the right shade for your skin. In order to use red as an eye shadow correctly, just continue to read our article. It has the tips and information you want to know about.

How to Match Red to Your Skin Type

Woman with hair slicked back against a pink background wearing red eye makeup

The first step is to identify what skin type you have. Once you do that, you look for those shades that look the best on your skin without overshadowing your good looks.

1. Fair skin– If you have lighter skin tones, then you should look for pink reds.

2. Medium Skin– Give yourself a warm look and feel by going to the terracotta reds and warm red colors.

3. Dark Skin- You will want to go with those deep rich red colors like burgundy and Bordeaux.

Ways to Wear Red Eyeshadow

Close up of eyes wearing red and black eye makeup

1. Get the Red Out- One of the drawbacks to wearing red eyeshadow is that it draws attention to the red in your eyes. To look perky, and have larger eyes, you need to get the red out of your eyes before applying this color of make-up.

Too much red in and around your eyes can make you look tired and sickly, two looks you are trying to avoid.

2. Application is Important- To avoid having a messy look around your eyes, you need to blend the eyeshadow into the eye crease carefully and thoroughly. Using a fluffy blending brush should help you achieve that look and avoid putting too much eyeshadow on.

3. Use Different Tones and Textures- Layering is one key to getting larger eyes as well as making them have more depth and definition. You need to blend well first with one tone and texture, then apply a different red with different tones and textures over top of the first layer. Just make sure to blend well.

Set of eyes wearing a wine/ red eye makeup theme

4. Change Liner Colors- Instead of opting for blue, go with a darker red color, and then the lighter red eyeshadow will bring depth and definition to your eyes. Or put a little red pencil around your eyes and then add a layer of red liner.

5. Combine Smoke with Fire- You can really make your eyes pop when you start with your normal smokey colored eye shadow and then add in a little red eyeshadow. The eyeshadow should be sheer and needs to be used as a transition color. Make sure to go from lash line to crease with the smokey color first. Then apply the red.

6. Change from Warm-to-Warm Tones- Many women are used to using the warm colors bronze, gold, and copper but you are not limited to those options. Instead of using the standard colors switch to warm red tones.

The good news is that there is not much of a color difference, so you won’t look awkward.

7. Watch the Application- One thing you do not want to do is over-apply the red eyeshadow along the lower lash line. If you do, you can end up looking like you are fighting off the flu or a cold. Keep the application light to get the fullest benefit from the red color.

What to Avoid When Using Red Eyeshadow

2 faces- one with bright red eye shadow, the other with bright red lipstick

One of the things you have to be careful about when you turn to red eyeshadow. It is not a color for everyone nor is it a color for every fashion look. Here are some things to avoid when considering using this color to make your eyes look bigger:

1. Don’t Go All Red- While you may think red and red go together it can be a very overpowering and off-putting look. If you are using red eye shadow go with a toned down look elsewhere on your face.

2. Bright is Not Always Right- In fact, you will want to stay away from bright colors. That is unless you are going for the clown look

3. Get A Balance- You want a good red color that will complement and work well with your skin tone. This means do not use warm tones on lips or your cheeks

Some Final Words

Woman's face against a red background, wearing red lipstick and eye shadow with gems in the shape of a heart over one eye, and small floating hearts painted over the other.

Red is a unique color that many women reserve for their lips and cheeks. However, if you do it right, you can add red to your eye shadow and make your eyes pop. It just takes a little practice blending the color and making sure you have the right red tone and texture for your skin type.

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