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Is Hemorrhoid Cream Good for Under Eye Bags?

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There are 2 sides to every argument, discussion, or story. You will always find that both sides will use authoritative sources to back up their points. Normally, once you have heard or read both sides then you get to make up your mind about what you should do.

This is the case with hemorrhoid cream. There are those who say you can use it and there are those who state you can’t. To find out about their points of view, just continue to read our article.

It just takes a few minutes to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Yes, You Can Use Hemorrhoid Cream

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The claim is that the chemical ingredients inside of this cream will help reduce the puffiness beneath your eyes. Those ingredients are supposed to reduce the size of blood vessels as well as restrict blood flow.

According to this group, these are two perfect elements that make hemorrhoid cream useful to reduce eye bags. They also say not to use this cream on a regular basis but it is a good short-term solution.

You may find that you do get temporary relief from eye bags and that is a good thing when you have important meetings all day. These same people also say that hemorrhoid cream is perfect to use on wrinkles. They tout the same reasons for this claim.

Your results may differ when you try it as everyone is not the same and there are other influential factors that may alter your results.

No, You Can’t

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Then, there are those who disagree with the above point of view and state that using a hemorrhoid cream is a bad idea. They also say that hemorrhoid cream is not made for the causes of eye bags, and you would be wasting your time using it.

This cream is made to shrink blood vessels and veins. Those are two sources of hemorrhoids. They are not sources for eye bags. The sources for the latter issue are hereditary, allergies, and fluid retention.

Those are a far cry from blood vessels and veins and as you can see, hemorrhoid cream chemicals won’t touch those sources. you would be wasting your money even if you see immediate results. Keep in mind those results won’t last because they are only temporary.

The best thing to do in order to solve your problem and spend your money wisely is to buy cream made to work on eye bags or take other steps to alleviate the problem.

Where Both Sides Agree

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The good news here is that both sides do have some common ground. While one side does allow the use of hemorrhoid cream, they also recommend other activities as well. Here are a few points where they agree:

  1. Get Enough Sleep- You need to cut your late-night hours down some in order to look good the next morning.
  2. Drink More Water- The body needs fluids to stay in top shape.
  3. Reduce Your Salt Intake- Salt is healthy but only in moderation.
  4. Use the Medications for Eye Bags- Hemorrhoid creams are not made for eye bags so look to treat the actual source and not use a quick fix that wastes your time.

The yes side says to get more exercise and eat healthier foods as both should help you keep your eye bags under control. The no side says to elevate your head so too much water does not seep into your face and gather under your eyes.

They also say to treat your bedding for dust mites so that they do not irritate your skin or trigger your allergies.

What is Our Opinion

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We agree with the no side. Using hemorrhoid cream opens your eyes up to some risks that can be dangerous to your eye health. There can be redness, irritation, as well as a rise in your pimples and you can contact dermatitis.

Or you can harm your skin cells which means almost nothing will help you. Those cells include the cornea and the sclera. When it comes to your eyes, play it safe always.

Some Final Words

Bags under your eyes are not always a pretty sight but sometimes you cannot avoid them. If your genes give them to you, there is little you can do. Or if you have allergies, you need to treat the allergies with allergy medications.

When it comes to your eyes, do not rely on old wives’ tales to cure a problem you do not like.

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