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Pro Retinol Vs Retinol

Woman with acne with a magnifying glass held up to one cheek.

It seems that the majority of people who get adult acne are women. They develop it for the first time after passing age 25. One cause is smoking. The more cigarettes a woman smoked the more severe her acne.

What is Retinol?

blue bottle with retinol printed on the bottle and a eyedropper.

When you have a mild case of acne, it is best to reach for this over-the-counter medication. It helps clean out pores, smooth out any fine lines, and gets your dead skin cells cleared away before they do any harm.

Made from Vitamin A retinol is a mild medication that should not cause any harm or irritation to your skin. People with sensitive skin should be able to use this product safely.

But every user has to be patient as it is not a fast-working medication. It could take up to 3 months to see positive results.

What is Pro Retinol?

Brown eye dropper bottle on a yellow background surrounded by small vitamin A beads

This medication is also made from Vitamin A and if you needed a gentler medication than retinol, this is it. This product also works on smoothing out your skin, removing those fine lines and wrinkles as well as other benefits.

Plus, it is good for all skin types and is safe enough to use around the eyes. Unlike retinol, your skin does not become more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays but you still need to use sunscreen to protect your skin.

Pro retinol comes from retinol and may not be as powerful as the latter medication.

How Are They Different?

Retinol serum spilled on a white background

It is really hard to say what is different between these two products. Pro retinol may be gentler than retinol, but they are made from the same source which means they have the exact same qualities.

Since it is gentler, it may be slower to work as well. it is hard to say what type of results you will get. Those results will depend on how severe your facial issues are. Plus, pro retinol should not harm your skin or irritate it in any way.

The cost may be about the same as well, but you would have to check your local drug store for that comparison.

How Are They Similar?

Clear liquid with bubbles spilled on a peachy orange background

Since both are made from vitamin A and pro retinol comes from retinol, you will find that there are very slight differences between the two. Both will work on acne, cleaning your pores of dead skin cells.

They also work on smoothing out your skin, getting rid of fine lines as well as wrinkles. Both products are made to help you fight the aging process and make your skin look beautiful. They also do not work on severe facial issues as those problems are reserved for more powerful Retinoid products.

What’s Better About Retinol?

Hands preparing to rub cream on a woman's face

This is the parent of the two medications making it slightly more powerful than the child- pro retinol. It works gently and slowly so you stay in control of your beauty process and skin care.

It is easy to get as it is an over-the-counter medication. This status should make it very affordable. Retinol has been around since the late 1940s which means that it has a long history of successful uses.

That long history has given scientists time to perfect the medication making it right for your skin.

What’s Better About Pro Retinol?

Woman with manicured hands holding an eyedropper above a bottle of liquid

This medication is supposed to be the more stable of the two making it better to use over retinol. Then it does not leave your skin vulnerable to the sun’s rays like retinol can. That means you should be able to go out in the sun worry-free.

Also, it does the same tasks as retinol does but in a gentler manner. You should not experience any side effects but if you do, see your doctor or dermatologist as soon as possible.

It should be safe for all skin types as well, giving you worry-free aid to your skin issues.

Who Should Get Retinol?

Eyedropper of liquid spilled onto a blue surface

This product is slow acting so those with mild acne and other skin ailments should benefit from using this product. It is a gentle medication that is made for almost all skin types and should not irritate your skin.

Young teens experiencing their first bout of acne should try this product, but it is not an overnight cure. It takes regular use to see positive results. That can be up to 3 months before those positive results start showing up

Who Should Get Pro Retinol?

Eyedropper full of liquid spilled onto a light pink background.

The same groups of people should be using this product. Especially those with more sensitive skin. This is supposed to be the gentler version of retinol thus it should be safe to use, even around your eyes.

This product is priced around the middle of the retinoid pack of medications making it affordable still. That allows just about anyone to buy this product and get the facial help they need.

Comparison Chart

  Category  Retinol  Pro retinol
  Power  Seen as a mild medication  Gentler than retinol
  Easy to purchase  Yes  Yes
  Works on wrinkles & fine lines  Yes  Yes
  Easy to apply  Yes  Yes
  Source  Made from vitamin A  Made from retinol
  Cost  Affordable  Reasonable
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