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What Does Eyeliner Do

Woman wearing eyeliner in a cat eye style with two wings

Looking Before You Leap

If you haven’t used eyeliner before then it is a very legitimate question to ask. You need to know what eyeliner is for and what it will do for you before you spend your money.

Getting the right answer is important as no one wants to look like a clown when they are in a serious meeting or on a romantic date. Take a few minutes and read our article to find out what eyeliner does.

It is filled with the information you want to know about so you can use eyeliner effectively.

Types Of Eyeliner

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Before we get to the purpose of eyeliner, it is important to know the different types or varieties you can buy. There are 4 of them and they all share the same purpose. The problem is, they are not always easy to apply.

  1. Liquid – This is the hardest version to apply but it creates the most dramatic effect possible. It is to be applied on the upper eyelid only and can be only applied in a precisely defined line that provides a sultry look.
  2. Powdered-Based Pencils – These are hard format pencil that also creates a fine line along your eye boundaries. They are easy to control and provide a more subtle look to your eyes than the liquid version will.
  3. Wax-Based Pencils – This option is softer than the powdered-based option but the colors found in this format are easier to smudge and create that smokey look. They are also easier to control and use as well as provide that subtle look you want.
  4. Kohl – Used in the Middle East since at least the Bronze Age this product can be used on the inside of your eye without fear. What you have to watch out for is the lead content.

The Purpose of Eyeliner

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Now that you know your eyeliner options it is important to know why you should use them. All the different formats of eyeliner have the same purpose and which one you use will depend on how well you master the application process and the type of look you want others to see.

Eyeliners are used to widen the shape of your eye and make them appear larger than they really are. They can also help alter the look of that shape and make your eyes have that almond shape look that can be very attractive to some men.

Also, eyeliner helps create the illusion of a thicker lash base. If you want your lashes to look fuller, then you use the right color of eyeliner to achieve that effect. The drawback to this purpose is that this thicker base looks drawn on and artificial.

The Purpose of White Eyeliner

Close up of an eye wearing heavy back eyeliner on the top lid and a subtle white eyeliner on the bottom.

There is a trend starting that focuses on using white eyeliner for many romantic and formal occasions. The reason many fashion-forward people are using this color is that it helps make the eyes pop.

Then, this color also makes your eyes appear brighter than they may look without white eyeliner. With the 1960s vibe going on in the fashion world, white eyeliner adds to that look and keeps you in style.

Your eyes should look bigger as well which is always a plus. Some people say that black is the in-style color right now but do not throw your white eyeliner away. You are free to wear whatever color you want to wear.

Is It Safe to Put Eyeliner On The Waterline

Woman with blue eyes applying a black eyeliner pencil to her lower lid

This is a delicate issue as some people will recommend that you use a pencil eyeliner to do this. This format has a safer application and should not have any eyeliner enter your eye.

When it comes to the waterline, the liquid format, and if you find a gel version, are not to be used on the waterline. These products can drip or be rubbed into your eye and cause some irritation.

Plus, they can also block those special glands, called Meibomian glands, from doing their job. These glands produce and excrete oils your eyes need and blocking them is not good for your eyes.

Some Final Words

Woman applying cat eye style eyeliner

When you want to have bigger looking eyes and get the puppy dog look men fall for, just use eyeliner. It does not matter the color as all colors have the same purpose. The key is to apply the eyeliner just right, so you do not start getting that clown face every woman dreads.

Find the best format for you and your fashion look. Then master the application so you do not get any of these products into your eyes and cause them harm.

Close up of a brown eye with heavy white eyeliner over the top lid

How to Use White Eyeliner

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Where to Put White Eyeliner