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What Eye Cream Can I Use with Eyelash Extensions?

Close up of woman's eyes with lash extentions

Your eyes are beautiful, and you should know as you paid enough money for the eyelash extensions. One thing you do not want happening is for some eye cream to ruin your beauty treatment. It can happen if you go cheap and pick the wrong eye cream to handle your other eye beauty tricks.

To find the right cream to use all you have to do is look at the label on the jar. Plus, you have to continue reading our article. It has the information you need to know about in order for you to get the right product when you have eyelash extensions.

Take a few minutes to get that information and prepare yourself for the after-eyelash extension beauty treatments.

Which Eye Cream Do You Choose

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When you look at all the eye cream products you should notice that they come in three basic styles. There are water-based, oil-based, and eye gels options. Some are cheaper than others but that doesn’t make either price range the best to use with eyelash extensions.

1. Oil-Based Eye Cream

The first option you can try is oil-based eye creams. These are not the ones you want to purchase when you just spent a lot of money on your extensions. The oil-based products will cause a build-up as well as some irritation around your eyes.

Plus, there is a possibility that the oil-based options may ruin your extensions. Your results may differ and that is okay this is not a hard and fast result.

2. Eye Gels

Close up of woman's eye with 3 dots of gel moisturizer under her eye.

This would be your second to the last choice as these are one step better than the oil-based eye creams. These products are easier to use and they are water-based making them lighter and safer to use.

You should not experience any irritation or other related side effects but again your skin may react differently to the gel-based products. Take your time as even eye gels are not perfect for everyone, and you may have to do some testing to make sure.

3. Water-Based

This is the number one option out of the three. Not only are they a light product to put on your eyes, but they are also very safe for them as well. There should be no side effects like irritations unless you have weird allergies that react to everything.

The problem you may have is that this option is harder to find than the oil-based eye creams. It seems that the majority of these products are oil-based. That means you will have to be extra careful and do more label reading than normal.

What to Look for in An Eye Cream

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When you go looking to replace your last jar of this product, you may have to travel to several stores before you find the right one. To guide your search, here are some tips on what to look for when you go shopping.

1. Oil-Free – One of the problems with this style of cream is that it could clog up your eyelash extensions and ruin them or at least shorten their lifespan. Another problem is that oil-based options can leave oil under your eyes and feel a bit heavy.

2. Vitamins & Minerals Are a Plus– Like the rest of your body, your skin needs nourishment to stay healthy. The same idea applies to the skin around your eyes. When you go for eye cream pick the one with the best vitamins and minerals.

3. Natural Ingredients- Petroleum products can bring hazardous materials to your skin. When your skin absorbs those chemicals, etc., you could suffer some minor health issues. To protect yourself and your skin, look for those eye cream brands that use natural ingredients.

At least then you will feel safer, more relaxed, and have a little peace of mind.

4. Your Skin Type Will Make the Choice- There are different skin types and what formulas are okay for normal or oily skin may not be suitable for sensitive skin, and vice versa. Make sure to know your skin type and pick the products that work best with that category.

To maintain your beauty and youthful looks, all you have to do is find the right products that nourish your skin. This search may take a little longer than normal but at least you know you are not harming your skin or creating a health issue down the road.

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