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What Eye Cream has the Most Retinol?

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One thing is for sure when you do a search on this topic, you will get more top 10, top 12, top anything lists than you can read. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on which cream has the most retinol.

While we will name some products that you can consider, we will talk about different topics concerning retinol so you can stay informed. Just continue to read our article to get that information and more.

It will only take a few minutes to put yourself on the right path.

Retinol Has Been Around

This is not some miracle cure drug that has made a big splash on the market in recent years. Retinol comes from vitamin A and its exact date of discovery is not available at this time.

However, the most famous brand or product is Retino-A and it has been sold for exactly 50 years. The product came on the market in 1971 and has helped countless people with their acne issues.

Throughout those years of use, people also discovered that Retinol-A has helped them cure other issues like wrinkles, sunspots, and fine line removal. This made the product very famous and had others jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own retinol products.

How Does Retinol Work

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The process is quite simple. When you rub a little of the product on your face, it starts its work by exfoliating the skin. This is the removal of dry, dead skin cells and then turns around and helps new ones to grow.

But that is not all the work this product does. Once it gets to your pores, it helps shrink them and increases the cell turnover. This action makes sure your pores do not get clogged with dirt and oil.

On top of that, Retinol helps thin your top layer of skin while making the second layer thicker. This makes your skin feel smoother to the touch. Finally, retinol helps increase your collagen production. Collagen is known to help slow down the aging process keeping you looking younger longer.

One reason the experts say that you should start using these kinds of creams early in life is that your body slows its collagen production when you are in your 30s. That is why you look older than you really want to while you are still young.

Then the good news is that the creams for specific parts of your body also contain retinol so you can retain your youthful looks for a long time to come.

Who Should Use Retinol Face Creams

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This is a good question. Usually, the answer is every woman, but men can benefit by using this cream as well. Then all skin types will benefit also, retinol does not play favorites although normal to oily skin seems to get the best results.

The drawback to using this product is that you may experience some irritation. All you have to do is experiment until you find the right level of cream to use on your skin. Plus, you need to determine how often you can use the cream because frequency also contributes to irritations.

It is never too late to start using any face cream with retinol in it. But if you haven’t passed the decade yet, it is best to start when you are in your 20s. Just be patient as results do not start until 4 to 12 months of regular use have passed.

Some Of the Top Creams to Use

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Every list will be different so do not be upset if your favorite one does not appear here. The level of retinol in each cream ranges between 0.01% to 1%, depending on the maker.

1. Formulyst’s Anti-Aging Night Cream– This is a product that has some of the highest levels of retinol inside. It works as a good night cream.

2. Advanced Dermatology Encapsulated Retinol Cream– When you use this product you are also getting help from jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil. All three products help your skin stay smooth, hydrated, and soft.

3. Obagi retinol 1.0– Its claim to fame is the slow-release formula that has the ingredient working all the time. Other ingredients include sage leaf extract, shea butter, calcium, and jojoba oil.

4. SkinCeuticals Retinol 1%- This is a very powerful product, so the maker recommends that you start slowly when you first use it.

5. SkinBetter Science AlphaRet Night Cream– This may be the young kid on the retinol block, but it got its start through doctors. It is supposed to be great for sensitive skin.

When you want to retain your good looks or turn the clock back, just reach for the right product containing retinol. It is a proven aging fighter that helps you look good all the time.

Just make sure to start off slow and build your way up to the higher potent products.

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