What is the Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Single blue eye

The Big Baby Blues

Men love women who have blue eyes. To make those blue eyes be more attractive, you need the right eyeliner color. Not just any eyeliner color will do though. Some colors just do not work well with your blue eye color.

To learn which eyeliner color works best with your baby blue eyes, just continue to read our article. It gives you that information and more. Take a few minutes to see how you can improve on your already great look by finding the best eyeliner color for your blue eyes.

The Best Eyeliner Color for Blue Eyes

Close up of blue eyes with makeup being applied

To get great-looking blue eyes it takes a little practice before you know which eyeliner color works best on you. A little experimenting is also in the cards as there are different shades that will work better than others. Here is a rundown on some of the colors and shades that should look good on you:

1. Red– The best option would be those red eyeliner colors that have a brown tint to them. This color option will really make your eyes pop. Plus, it does it better than using normal black.

Take a little chance and exchange your black eyeliner color for a nice red with a brown base to it.

2. Gray– Stick with true gray or charcoal gray shades. These two colors will really enhance your eye color and make them stand out more clearly. You can experiment with different gray shades to see which one will work as well as those two shades do.

3. Blue- Navy blue is one of the better blue shades you can use. But it is not the only one. You can use your color wheel and go for contrasting colors or find some that are very close to your eye color and use them.

Check out different blue tones as well. That way you have lots of choices to highlight those pretty eyes and upgrade your overall look.

4. Neutral Colors- There are a lot of options in this category also. Besides blue, there is black, white, and brown that will make sure everyone sees your eyes and only your eyes.

Also, watch out for how large your accents get. You want to keep those in moderation so that they do not overshadow your eye color. You can also try a copper or yellow-colored eyeliner.

Browns, yellows, golds, and copper should make your blues eyes appear a lot brighter than they normally are.

Complementing Your Eye Color

3 different colored eyeliner pencils with squiggles above them isolated on a white background

Blue is a cool color and the best way to complement then is to use a nice warm eyeliner color. Combining warm shades with orange tones is one great way to make your eyes appear brighter.

You can go with a turquoise or gray eyeliner color if you want to intensify your blue eye color. The right brown shade can really deepen the look of your eyes as well. While black is the go-to eyeliner color, it is best to use something a little different and set yourself apart from the rest of the ladies in the room.

Is There Such a Thing as Dark Blue Eyes?

A single dark blue eye

If there are, then this eye color would be very rare. About 8% of the world’s population has blue eyes, any shade of blue. That means that your chances of having a baby with deep dark blue eyes will be very rare if it happens at all.

Even if your child or you have this dark color of blue in your eyes, the above colors of eyeliner should still work well with them. When applying eyeliner, be careful about placing it on your lower eyelid.

This location can make your eyes look older, more tired and the reason you get this look is that that location makes your eyes appear smaller than they really are.

What Color of Eyeliner Should You Buy?

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Besides the ones already mentioned above, you should check the color wheel to see what other eyeliner color matches up with your blue eyes, hair color, and skin tones. Spin the wheel to get some great combinations.

However, you do not want to experiment too much as some of the wilder shades will not look as good on you even though they are in style. Experimenting is okay but keep it within reason and do not go too far outside the make-up envelope.

Some Final Words

Woman with light brown hair and blue eyes with her head tilted wearing full makeup

They say that blue goes with just about any color but that is not so when it comes to your eyes. Be patient and pick the right eyeliner color that will make your blue eyes look the way you want them to.

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