What is the Best Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

View of a single brown eye

Puppy dog eyes are great when you want a favor. Just flutter your eyelids and give that puppy dog look to your favorite man and he will do almost anything for you. However, the puppy dog eye look is not always best for every occasion.

To get a different look for special occasions, or events, you need the right eyeliner for brown eyes. To learn what are the best eyeliner colors to use, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can vary your look and look special all the time.

Picking the Right Eyeliner Color

Angled view of a single brown eye wearing black eyeliner on the top lid

Most women fall into two categories. They either simply choose black as they figure that will work no matter what eye color they have. Or they are excited by all the different eyeliner colors that are available and choose one that does not fit their brown-eyed look.

Here are some colors that should work the best with your eye, hair, and skin color:

1. Blue– It doesn’t matter if you use a gel, liquid, or pencil type of eyeliner, navy blue is one perfect tone for deep brown eyes. This color helps soften your eyes for daytime use or for those barely-there looks you may prefer.

When you want a bold look, metallic blue shades will work when you are out on the town having fun. For office or other daytime looks, lighter shades keep everything looking nice and subtle.

2. Brown- This is a color that works with brown everything. It goes with brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin colors including those olive complexions many women have. You can use darker shades of brown than your actual eye color to help make them stand out.

But do not use the same shade as your eyes look. That will not give you a very alluring look. A nice plum brown shade will help make your eyes pop.

Isolated eyeliner pencil with a squiggle on a white background.

3. Black– Just because this is the go-to color for most women, you should not exclude it from your eyeliner arsenal. This color works best for those big, dark brown eyes some women have. Plus, it is good with a dark skin tone or complexion.

4. White– When you want wide-open eyes that look bigger, this is the color to choose. But if the white may be too contrasting to your skin color, you can dull the look down a little bit by going with a Champagne white tone.

5. Purple- This color may seem a bit wild for some women but when you use a deep rich dark purple tone or shade, your eyes will look their best. The younger crowd can pull of violet or lilac shades of purple but not so much the older generation.

Or you can try a metallic purple option when you are feeling a bit on the wild side or want to feel glamorous. This shade of purple helps those brown eyes really stand out.

6. Green- When you want men looking at your eyes, use a deep emerald shade. This tone will definitely highlight your brown eyes so that men won’t take their eyes off of them.

Other options would be jade or garnet green shades or go for a nice, muted look by using a good olive green color.

What About Colored Eyeliners

Multiple colored eyeliner pencils with tips facing the camera on a white surface

While there are some colored eyeliners that will work wonders for your eyes, you still have to be careful when making your selection. Some eyeliner colors look tacky when combined with brown eye color.

When you are looking at different colored eyeliner options, stick to the darker shades. Those are the best ones to use when you want your eyes to look perfect. But if you do not like white and still want to open your eyes and make them look bigger, you can go with gold and silver eyeliner.

Dark Or Light Brown Eyes

Close up of a pair of brown eyes with dark eyebrows

That is the thing about genetics. Your brown eyes may not be as dark or as light as the next woman’s. That means you may not be able to wear the same eyeliner color. Here are some choices to help you make the right choice when your eyes are darker or lighter brown than your friends’.

1. Dark Brown– Black, browns, bronze, green, gold, silver are good but purple may be the best. At least a darker shade of purple.

2. Light Brown- Here you want to avoid black as that color can overpower your eye color. However, you can wear more brown shades than if you had dark brown eyes.

Some Final Words

Liquid eyeliner brush/lid that has made a squiggle on a white background.

If you are still not sure, talk to a trusted beautician. These women know their make-up colors and what will look good with brown eyes. The key is to get the right color, so you do not look tacky or like a clown.

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