What is the Best Eyeliner for Green Eyes

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You Are a Green-Eyed Beauty

While many men prefer blue-eyed blonds, there are still a vast amount of men that love to see a woman with green eyes. Green eyes are a really lovely eye color to have as it lets you create different looks when you go out.

The way to learn which eyeliner color is best for green eyes, all you have to do is to continue to read our article. It has the information and tips you want to know about so you can look your green-eyed best.

Take a few moments to see how this important information can upgrade your already stunning look.

What Should a Great Eyeliner Color Do for You?

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This will depend on the style of eyeliner you prefer to use. A gel and liquid eyeliner will help create precise lines that bring your eyes that perfect cat look. The pencil type will enhance the smokey look that you love to wear.

In other words, a good eyeliner color will make your eyes and face look a lot better. When you use the right eyeliner color, your green eyes should be the focal point on your face. The green should be set off, so anyone only sees your eyes.

Plus, a good eyeliner color should make your eyes look more alert and awake. Not to mention enhance your lash lines that frame your beautiful green eyes.

The Best Eyeliner Color for Green Eyes

Purple squiggles with a purple eyeliner pencil on a white background

Green is a very flexible eye color to have. It seems to go with a multitude of different colors allowing you to vary your look to fit your mood. Gold, purple, deep pinks, dark brown, and taupe eyeliners are just some of the many colors you can use to highlight those green eyes of yours. Even black will work.

However, there are some specific colors you should try for some very good reasons:

1. Greens– Not the green colors that match your eye color. Like brown with brown eyes, it will dull your look and make you look less alert. The green color you want to use will be dark green.

This color should bring out your natural green-eyed color and make them pop. Try a dark green with some flecks of gold in it as well for a very interesting look.

2. Purple– This color should flatter your green eye color with Amethyst and aubergine leading the way. You can have a nice purple eyeliner without everyone seeing only purple.

Don’t forget to try violet, lilac, and lavender shades. They can really help bring out the best in your green eyes without overshadowing them with their own color. Be a little adventurous with this color scheme.

3. Plum– This is a purplish eyeliner color that has red undertones. That combination will help make your eyes really stand out in a crowd. The red undertones are a contrasting color that complements your green eyes, not clashes with them.

Use a dark plum color first until you get used to the look, then experiment with brighter plum colors to see how they work for you.

Brown eyeliner pencil with a squiggle on a white background

4. Brown– This is not a color that will make you look like a dowdy old woman. Instead, it will help soften your eye color. A good chocolate brown is perfect for this type of look.

Or if you want a bolder look, try a mahogany brown or rust eyeliner color. The reddish undertones will be perfect but stay away from the light and dull browns. The latter options may not have your eyes shining as they should.

5. Blue– If you do anything with this color, avoid the lighter shades at all costs. They are not a good match for green eyes. The darker the blue shade, the better. Plus, it gives you a nice alternative to wearing black.

What blues like turquoise, indigo, teal do for you is give you a softer, cooler look. Which may be a great look on a hot day.

6. Gray– When you want a very subtle and amazing soft look, this is the eyeliner color to pair with green eyes. With many shades of gray to choose from, you can get that great smokey or smoldering eye look you have been shooting for.

The color to avoid in this lineup is silver. It is just not flattering to green eyes.

Some Final Words

Green eye wearing pink and purple eye makeup

To have your green eyes stand out, you have lots of great colors to choose from for eyeliner. The key is to not overthink it. Just find the best colors even if they are darker than you like. Your results may be better than you had hoped for.

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