What is the Best Eyeliner for Inside the Eye

Woman applying eyeliner to the inside of her top lid

When you want to look sexy, one of the ways to present a very sexy and romantic mood is to turn to the best eyeliner possible. That way you know you are getting a top product that will enhance your eyes, not detract from them.

Plus, the eyeliner will go on smoothly helping you create the look you want without looking cheap. Take a few moments to read about the best eyeliner for the inside portion of your eyes.

The Best Eyeliner for Inside the Eye

As usual, there will be brands that stick out. These brands have spent decades developing their products to make sure you look good and have the least trouble applying their product to the inside of your eye.

Brands like Maybelline, Marcelle, 8D, NYX, and Annabelle, make great eyeliners for this portion of your eye. You should consider them as you search for the perfect eyeliner. If the product goes on easily and smoothly, then you probably have the best eyeliner possible no matter the brand name.

Why Do Women Use Eyeliner

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For most women, the purpose behind their using eyeliner is to make their eyes look the best they can be. They use this product to help highlight their eye’s strongest features and to make them look larger than they really are.

Other women want to create a very sexy look so that they will attract the person to them. Having eyes that look sexy helps accomplish their goal. Women have different reasons why they use eyeliner, but the basic purpose is to make sure their eyes look better than any other girl in the room.

The Best Way to Wear Eyeliner on Your Inner Eyelid

Single eye looking up into the light with an eyeliner pencil being held just below the bottom lid and away as if waiting to be applied

This look needs a special technique to make sure that it does not disappear on you at the wrong moment. This technique involves putting your eyeliner on first, then using a brush to cover it slightly with eye shadow.

Make sure to use the same colors or you might not end up with the look you want. Or you can use what is called eye primer. This product should lock the eyeliner in place. Just put it on first, then add your eyeliner.

Also, you can wear eyeliner without eyeshadow. This option gives you a simple look that does not take a long time to perfect. Make sure to use a color of eyeliner that is designed to go with the color of your eyes. Be careful of matching your eye color as that can make eyes look dull and uninteresting.

Is Kohl a Type You Want to Use Today

Brass Kohl applicator and jar

Nothing is new under the sun and that includes eyeliner. The ancient Egyptians and other ancient women used kohl to highlight their eyes and attract men. Over time that product may have lost some popularity, but it is still used in some format today.

The women of India, Pakistan, Africa, and the Middle East still use kohl today, but it may not be in the same formula as the ancient women used in their time. You can use the modern formula if you want to feel a connection to your ancient feminine counterparts.

Some Risks are Involved in Using Eyeliner on the Inner Eye

Red, irritated eye wearing eyeliner.

Make-up may seem like a safe product to use but there are some risks when you get that make-up too close to your eyes. Here are some of the problems that you may face when you use a lot of eyeliner in different places around your eye:

  1. More Mucus- When your eyes get irritated by the eyeliner or other make-up you use, they will produce more mucus. That production may ruin your look when you get up close and personal.
  2. Blurry Vision- If you wear contacts, you may create a build-up of eyeliner if you use it frequently. In turn, this build-up will stick to your contacts and cause a little blurry vision. Bacteria on the eyeliner may also cause blurry vision.
  3. Long-Term Damage- Using a lot of eyeliner frequently can eventually create some long-term damage to your eyes. While not a direct cause of blindness it may be one contributing factor to your loss of eyesight
  4. Eye Irritation- This is one risk you will face if you put eyeliner too close to your eyes. You have to be very careful in the application and not use too much or your eyes may hurt after a while.

What About Permanent Eyeliner

Woman having eyeliner tattooed on her top eye lid

A numbing cream is used before the tattoo artist applies a permanent eyeliner to your eyes. There should be no pain after you get it done. But this may not be a good idea to do as you may change your mind about the color and the look.

It is best not to go this route as you may meet someone who does not like eyeliner or the color you have chosen. While it is convenient and saves you time, it is not the best option to choose to do.

Some Final Words

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When you are looking for the best eyeliner for your inner eye, it is a smart move to go with the top make-up companies. They have a reputation to protect, and they strive to make the best products possible.

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