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What is the Difference Between Eye Cream and Moisturizer?

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The eyelid blinks up to 28,000 times. That is the number your average eyelid blinks every day. Next to the heart, it is probably the hardest working part of your body. It blinks no matter what you are doing.

Because of all that hard work wrinkles can show up around your eyes letting everyone know how old you are. You can fight back with expensive eye creams, or you can use moisturizers.

If you are not sure there is a difference between the two products, just continue to read our article. There is a difference, and that difference can save you a lot of money.

What is the Difference Between Eye Cream and Moisturizer

Just so you know, the eyelid is about the thinnest skin you have on your body. The thickness of your eyelid only reaches about 1mm in size. Using the right products is important to make sure your eyes remain protected.

Here are some of the differences between eye creams and moisturizers:

1. Lower Retinol Amounts- The active ingredient is not as prominent in eye creams as they are in moisturizers. This helps make eye creams less irritating for those with sensitive skin or allergies

2. Fragrance-Free- Moisturizers come with different fragrances and are often very overpowering when they do. Eye creams are usually made without any fragrances. the reason this is so is to reduce any chance of skin irritation.

3. Unique Ingredients- Eye creams have different fad-type ingredients that provide quick but temporary fixes to your eyelid issues. Caffeine is just one of those ingredients. It is the morning after remedy when you had a rough night.

4. Expense- Eye creams are often far more expensive than moisturizers You may need a small bank loan to get some of the most effective eye creams on the market.

5. Feeling Greasy- Moisturizer may feel greasier than eye cream because of its ingredients. You may not like the feel of moisturizer on your skin, but it is effective and cheaper to use.

Go For the Effect Not the Feel

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Some women like to be pampered and the applicators that come with eye creams meet that desire very well. They can feel better next to your skin, help apply the eye cream smoothly. Plus, the application can feel very luxurious.

But that feeling can be duplicated at a far less cost than eye cream is priced. If you put the eye cream applicator in the fridge to get the extra cooling feel, you can save money and simply use a cold compress and get the same effect. That effect comes at no cost to you.

Also, some women may prefer to use topical collagen on their eyelids thinking that they are doing something good. However, those collagen molecules are so large that they are never able to enter your pores. They just stay on the surface and do nothing for you.

This is one reason caffeine is used in many eye creams. The molecules are small enough to enter your pores and actually do the job they were intended to do. Other good ingredients to have in your eye cream is hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Both are safe and should give your skin positive results.

When to Start Using Eye Cream

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The skin is the largest organ on or in our bodies. It covers everything but it is also unique. By that, we mean that different parts of the skin have different elements. Different parts have different amounts of elasticity, thicknesses, and natural oils.

That construction fact means that you need to treat different parts of your body differently. The eyelid is the thinnest of all parts of the skin. However, it does suffer from the same drying elements as sunlight, aging, and so on.

Because the eyelids are the thinnest portion of our skin, experts say that you should start using eye cream when you are in your 20s. The reason for this start date is because the eyelids are one of two parts of the body without oil glands.

They dry out faster than those parts that do, so you need to take care of them sooner.

Some Final Words

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Moisturizers may be cheaper to use but they may also contain more active ingredients in larger portions. That construction does not necessarily make them better for your eyelids.

There are cheaper eye cream products available, and they are worth the low cost and do the same thing as the more expensive creams. Think it through and do some comparisons to save yourself some money while still looking good.

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