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What Lipstick Color Makes Teeth Look Whiter

Close up view of a woman's mouth wearing dark pink lipstick holding her mouth in sneer to reveal her teeth

Just when you thought you had it all, then you look in a mirror or a photograph of yourself and saw something that horrified you. Your teeth’s yellowish look was standing out over everything else. It may not be a good sight to look at.

But wait, there is some good news. All you have to do is change your lipstick color. That is right. With the perfect lipstick color, you can hide that yellowish look and keep everyone’s attention to your beauty.

To find those colors, just continue to read our article. It lists many of those colors, so you know which one to pick when your teeth are not up to their normal whiteness.

Those Lipstick Colors That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Variety of lipsticks cut away from their tubes and laying on a white surface.

It is all in the undertones. Lipstick makers rely on 3 primary colors to make their different brands and colors. Those primary colors are red, blue, and yellow and unfortunately, both red and yellow undertones highlight the yellowing tint on your teeth.

Don’t worry, this does not mean you have to wear blue lipstick to make your teeth appear whiter. You still have a wide range of colors to choose from including red lipstick.

1. Pinky Nude– This is a nice shade of lipstick that is perfect for casual events. It is also a good color to wear every day when you just want to be yourself. Then when you have a romantic night out, this color of lipstick will work with a set of smokey eyes.

This shade of lipstick helps you remain worry-free as your look will focus on your overall beauty and not the yellow on your teeth.

3 tubes of berry colored lipstick with raspberries behind the lipsticks on a white background.

2. Berry- This color scheme is both dark and bold and it takes a strong confident person to wear it outside. Also, this is a color scheme that is perfect for the winter season and hides that yellowish tint on your teeth.

Stay away from the warm tone shades as those do not hide anything. The purple and blue hue undertones are the berry variations you want to use. Just take your time in finding the right brand of lipstick and read the labels carefully so you know which undertone color is used.

3. Blue-Based Red- This sounds like a contradictory color but any color with a blue-based hue will make your teeth seem whiter. Using a blue-based red means you are killing two birds with one stone. Not only do your lips look fuller and prettier, but those lips also are not overshadowed by that distracting yellow tint on our teeth.

With lots of red colors to choose from, it may take a little time to find the perfect tint that comes with a blue base.

A pink lipstick made using a blue base on a white background with a smear of the lipstick color beside it.

4. Cool-Toned Pink- Blue is the color for cool and cold and that is what you are looking for. A cool-toned pink tells you that there is a blue-based lipstick in your hands.

This color works well when you are at the office or doing other day-to-day duties. Stay away from any warm-toned pink colors unless your teeth are really white. There are some top brands that will have the cool-toned pink waiting for you at your favorite cosmetic counter.

5. Blue- Or you can really shake things up and make sure your co-workers get a jolt in the morning. Just wear a nice blue color of lipstick. One thing is for sure, everyone will be looking at your lips and not your teeth.

Of course, this is a shade of lipstick that the most confident woman can wear.

Lipstick is Not the Perfect Answer

Before you go running off to the store to buy blue-based lipstick, keep in mind that this is not the perfect solution. Even with blue-based lipstick, your teeth will still have that yellowish tint.

All the blue-based lipstick does shift people’s attention elsewhere. The key to having perfectly white teeth is to use a good tooth whitener. With true white teeth, you do not have to worry about which base the lipstick you like has. You can wear any one that fits your style and personality.

If you do not use a whitener then maybe you should get used to not smiling when strangers are around.

Some Final Words

Woman with very curly hair wearing an red/ orange lipstick, smiling and looking to one side

Picking the right lipstick that suits your face and your fashion style takes some work. There are so many challenges to overcome and the yellow on your teeth is just one of them. With these tips, you do not have to worry about the look of your teeth until someone gets up close and personal.

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