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What to Do with Expired Eye Cream

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The sell-by date is not the expiration date but the time when stores need to get their products off their shelves and into the homes of their customers. Usually, the expiration date is a little later.

Yet, even with the extra time, many people tend to forget they have the eye cream, and it expires before they finish using the product. When this happens to you, it is good to know what you should do with leftover eye cream.

Keep reading to find out some good tips on what should happen right after you discovered that the eye cream is no good.

What to Do When Your Eye Cream Expires

Believe it or not, cosmetics do expire. When they do, they are not really a very good product to continue to use. Some people will disagree as they claim it is only the active ingredients that go bad and lose their ability to do their job.

However, bacteria can get inside of eye cream and be transferred to your skin if you are not careful. Also, bad eye cream can cause rashes, irritations, allergic reactions, and more.

The best thing to do when you notice your eye cream is past the use-by date, not the sell-by date, is to toss the products into the trash. When it comes to your eyes, taking chances or pushing the envelope is not a bright strategy to follow.

If you think your eye cream is still good but are not totally sure, call your dermatologist and ask him or her. They will help you determine if the eye cream is still valid to use or not.

The Risks of Using Expired Eye Cream

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There are always risks in life and they need to be considered before pushing on and continuing in any activity. But when it comes to your eyes, you should be more cautious and try to get rid of any eye cream right after the expiry date.

If you do not, here are some of the issues you may face if the eye cream is really ruined:

  1. Bacteria spreads to your face and eyes
  2. Pores get clogged
  3. Redness may occur
  4. Rashes may appear
  5. Irritation may also be present
  6. Blemishes can mar your skin
  7. Make rosacea worse

These are just a few of the issues you may face when you are using spoiled eye cream.

What to Do with Your Old Eye Cream

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Some of these solutions will work best if you do not wait till the last minute or until the eye cream has expired to get rid of them. Take a look to see which options will work for you and pick the one that gives you the best results.

1. Donate Them– There are plenty of women’s shelters and homeless organizations that could distribute your old eye cream for you. Many women just do not have the money to take care of themselves and their skin and getting a donation goes a long way in helping them deal with their current life situations.

2. Recycle– There are different organizations on the internet that recycle just about anything. All you have to do is conduct an internet search with the words ‘recycle make-up’ and you should come across those national organizations that have recycle bins everywhere.

3. Contact the manufacturer– The word is that there are some make-up companies that will accept expired eye cream and other make-up products. The details will be between you and them as we cannot speak for their policies. It never hurts to ask.

5. Throw the Make-Up Away– This is the natural go-to choice and most people do it without thinking about it. Read the next section to see how to properly dispose of eye cream and other expired make-up items.

How to Properly Throw Old Eye Cream Away

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These instructions will apply to all expired make-up products, not just eye cream. the reason there is this process is that there are ingredients inside of eye cream, etc., that contaminate water and the ground.

Step 1: Gather Your Eye Cream Bottles

Check the dates and even if it is close to the expiry time, you may want to include them as well. Set aside all expired eye cream containers and put the rest away.

Step 2: Get an Old Masonry Jar and Some Duct Tape

Masonry jars have lids that screw on tight, and the duct tape will the lids so that there are no leaks.

Step 3: Scoop out all the eye cream from the different jars and put the contents into the masonry jar. When it is full seal the lid and apply the duct tape.

Step 4: Soak the empty eye cream jars in hot water to get rid of any leftover eye cream. Then through everything into the trash can.

Getting rid of your old eye cream is not hard to do. It just takes a little effort to make sure the job is done right. Also, if you donate these and other make-up products, don’t wait till the items are expired. That is not a very good thing to do. Just throw them away.

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