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Where to Put White Eyeliner

Close up of 2 female eyes wearing heavy white eyeliner on the top lid

Location, location, location this slogan works for real estate and helps people find the right house for them. The same principle will work for eyeliner as well as where you put it will reflect on you and your fashion style.

Eyeliner has several different locations it can be applied to but how much you use, the design and the location all play a major role in how you look when you are done. To find the right location for your white eyeliner, just continue to read our article.

It has the information you want to know about placing your white eyeliner in the exact location that enhances your eyes.

How to Put on White Eyeliner

Closeup of blue eye wearing black eyeliner and mascara on the top lid with the bottom wearing white

There is no real trick or secret application tool you need to use when switching to white eyeliner. The same steps you use to apply other colors are the steps you will use when applying white eyeliner.

There are a few extra things you should do though as you go through this process, especially when you are working on your waterline. To apply this eyeliner to your waterline correctly, you need to gently press your lower eyelid with the back of your finger.

This will make the waterline more visible and allow you to see what you are doing more clearly. Then you need to have a little self-confidence as you apply the eyeliner. After all, a sudden jerk may have you poking yourself in your eye and that is never a fun experience.

Then once you get the white eyeliner on your lower waterline, you need to blink several times to transfer the color to the upper waterline. This transference will soften the look and not be as harsh.

Some Application Tips

Woman wearing red lipstick and white eyeliner

1. Avoid using white eyeliner on your lash lines without adding black eyeliner to finish the look off.

2. Avoid using thick white lines as this may have you looking more like a ghost than a model. This can be done if you know the right techniques to use and have the thick lines blend in with your overall look.

3. Do not use too much eyeliner on your inner lash lines and your eye rims. Less is more here.

4. Closed-set eyes are better when you use white around the inner corners. Wide-set eyes should have eyeliner on the outer corners and use a little smudging and blending to have the correct look.

5. To make your eyes look brighter use white eyeliner with mascara on your upper eyelash line. Blend the two carefully as this combination will brighten your eyes

6. White does not go with every skin color so those people with the wrong skin color should use silver, pearl off white, gold, or champagne colors. Which one you use depends on the clothes you will wear.

7. Be careful when working around your waterline and inner lash eyes. You do not want to poke yourself in the eye.

9 Ways to Use White Eyeliner

White eyeliner pencil being applied to the bottom eyelid

1. Conventional Eyeliner – A little on your inner lash line can make your eyes appear bigger than they are. It will take some practice to get different looks though.

2. Inner Corner Highlighting – To get your eyes to pop, use some white eyeliner on the inner eye corner. You may have to blend other colors in with your white to help complete your look.

3. Waterlines – This is a good use of white eyeliner as you can highlight the eye waterline and make them stand out. If you have big eyes already do not use this product on your inner lash lines.

4. Create Color Layers – Start with a thick white line then add in brown, black, or some other color to give your eyes a nice colorful but dramatic look. You do not need more than two colors to get your eyes looking incredible.

5. Tinting Other Eye Shadows or Eyeliners – White is the best for this technique as it can help you get that specific tone you want from those other colors you want to use.

6. Shaping Eyebrows and Brow Bones – This is what white eyeliner can do best. You can reshape the look of your eyebrows or brow bone without feeling any pain.

7. Hide Blemishes – Eyeliner will help you hide those blemishes that detract from your natural beauty. It does this by hiding red marks around your eyes.

8. Color Your Nails – A little white eyeliner on the tip of your nails can enhance their look.

9. Brow Bone – A little white on the brow bone brings out the vibrant shades of the eye shadow color you used.

Some Final Words

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Using white eyeliner correctly should enhance your overall look and get you lots of attention. Your eyes should look bigger, brighter, and better once you have applied that color and blended it in just right.

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